Seven rushed to hospital as minibus ends up in drain


A route 41 minibus on Friday morning ended up in a drain at the corners of Norton and Hailey Streets in the city, after it collided with a route 42minibus – BVV 6909- driven by a Spanish-speaking driver.

Approximately seven persons from the route 41 minibus – BWW 1782 – were rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital with various injuries.

The route 42 minibus – BVV 6909 involved in the accident

The driver of the minibus, Anthony Chester, told the media that he was proceeding east along Norton street when minibus BVV 6909 crashed into the side of his vehicle.

“Approaching cemetery road here, the guy came out and hit the bus and push it straight into the trench.

“I was blowing on him and everything but he didn’t stop.

“When I came out of the bus and spoke to him, he said he don’t understand; is a Spanish dude,” Chester related.

The minibus being removed from the drain

His story was supported by an eyewitness who asked to remain anonymous. She told the News Room that the windows of the route 42 minibus were closed, thus making it hard for the driver to hear the horns of the next minibus.

“One young lady was crying out for her heart and another lady could not walk,” the eyewitness stated.

A passenger recounted that the female passengers began screaming before the minibus ended up in the trench.

He related that Chester was not speeding at the time of the accident.

The police have launched an investigation while the driver of the route 42 minibus was taken into custody.

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