Elderly woman found with throat slit, daughter arrested


The Police have arrested two persons in connection with the murder of 70- year-old pensioner, Rookmin Jameer known as Joylin of Tempie Village, West Coast Berbice (WCB).

The elderly woman’s body was discovered in front her kitchen door at approximately 19:00 hrs Friday with her throat slit by her daughter, Cameela Jameer who, along with another suspect, were taken into Police custody.

The News Room understands that the daughter, who resides with the mother, had just returned from church when she made the gruesome discovery and called out for help.

The victim’s son, Shaheed Jameer, who resides several villages away, told News Room he was at work when he was informed by his boss of the incident.

“I left immediately and when I reach, the Police was already here and say I can’t go in,” he told the News Room.

The Police said a search of the house indicated nothing was removed nor was any section of the house ransacked, leading investigators to rule out robbery as the motive.

Shaheed indicated that his sister and mother would have frequent disagreements and on Wednesday his mother called and informed him that Cameela had stolen some money from her.

“She called and talked to my wife and asked I that go over but when I come from that day I didn’t get to go,” he recalled.

The Police are continuing their investigations.

The incident has sent shockwaves throughout the community with many persons expressing sadness and disbelief over the tragic death of the pensioner.

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