Jamaicans Gore, Daley Jr return for Georgetown Grand Prix


The Jamaican pair of Tommi Gore and Colin Daley Jr are the first overseas participants confirmed for the May 11 Georgetown Grand Prix at the GT Motorsports facility located at Albert Street and Thomas Lands from 16:00h.

The event is the first for karting on the 2019 calendar and fans can expect both karters to be at their best, given their exploits in 2017 at the said Grand Prix.

Gore, who is the son of Jamaican Caribbean Motor Racing champion Doug Gore, was on the podium for all three of his races in 2017 while Daley Jr competed in 125cc Senior and Shifter Cup Pro, and was a constant face on the podium.

Young Gore would have battled with Guyanese counterparts at the recent Caribbean Junior Karting Academy Trophy (CJKAT) in Barbados, where he finished fourth on the overall standings.   On that trip, his mechanic was Daley Jr.

Despite the Guyanese contingent finished on the lower end of the points standing, they indicated they are eager to showcase the knowledge acquired when back on home turf, which makes it match perfectly for more nail-biting action.

Arguably the best in the Caribbean, Colin Daley Jr returns to battle the Guyanese

The six Guyanese were Nathan Rahman, Jeremy TenPow, Rayden Persaud, Paige Mendonca, Zachary Persaud, and Elan Rahaman, who only competed in the first two of the six rounds.

As per normal, the categories at the Grand Prix will be the 60cc Kids Cup; 125cc Juniors, Seniors and Masters; Shifter Cup Pro and Easy Cup Rookie.

Tommi Gore (center) will be on the hunt for more trophies

According to the organisers, after qualifying karters will be gridded for three races: Race 1(Best qualifying time); Race 2 (Based on Finish from Race 1 with Top 50% of the grid inverted); Race 3 (Based on 2nd best time from Race 1).

Race laps are 12 while in qualifying it will be five, and there will be bonus two points for qualifying and bonus three for the fastest lap of the day.

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