Rice farmers tied up, beaten and robbed of $1.5M cash


Two armed bandits in the wee hours of Tuesday tied up and beat a Mibicuri, Black Bush Polder family before they escaped with over $1.5M in cash, cellphones, jewellery and a motorcycle.

According to 60-year-old Naziran Hussain, it was around 2am when she heard her 19-year-old niece screaming and one of the bandits said, “Is bandits. Y’all don’t mek noise…We ain’t come to kill, we come fuh de money.”

Hussain, whose family is involved in the rice farming business, told the News Room that one of the bandits shot at her 70-year-old husband Lomas Parag, but the bullet passed through the wall.

The bandits tied up the woman, her husband and nephew and placed them to lie on the floor as they ransacked the house.

A section of the ransacked house

According to the traumatised woman, one of the bandits kicked her about the body as he demanded “the bag of money” that they collected from the bank Monday.

She eventually gave them the bag containing GY$200,000; US$630, two diamond rings and several important documents.

But they were not satisfied and were specific about the bag from the bank.

As such, the woman gave the bandits an additional bag with $1.2M. she told News Room that this money belonged to her Brother-in-Law.

“He withdraw the money to pay some bills and pay other people. One of them even ask how much rice my Brother -in- law planting,” Hussain told News Room.

Before escaping, the men also stole a motorcycle which was subsequently recovered in the backdam.

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