GNBA warns non-compliant broadcasters


The Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) says it will take legal action against non-compliant broadcasters.

“The GNBA intends to take legal steps within the parameters of the law, against illegal broadcasters,” the agency said in a statement as it recognized compliant broadcasters for the year 2019.

The GNBA pointed to the Broadcasting Act 2011, Section 43 (C) which states that “anyone who carries on a broadcasting service at the licensed  location  after the  licence  granted  to him has  been  suspended,  cancelled  or expired commits  an offence and  is liable on summary conviction  to a fine of $1M  and imprisonment for one year.”

The Act also permits the forfeiture of all machinery and equipment owned by the person liable, which are used, or can be used, for broadcasting.

The GNBA urges non-compliant broadcasters to bring themselves in conformity with the law and to honour their obligations to the Authority.

The regulatory body listed six Cable, 15 Radio and 12 Television broadcasting agencies which are compliant for 2019.

Consequently, these “are the only broadcasters authorized to broadcast…(and) those broadcasters not listed are deemed illegal broadcasters.’


  • Premium Communications Inc.
  • E – Networks Inc.
  • Infinity Telecommunications Inc.
  • Go – Tech Inc.
  • Movie Star Inc.
  • Northwest Television Inc.


  • Freedom Radio Inc.
  • Little Rock Radio Inc.
  • Pinnacle Com. Inc. – Radio
  • Radio Guyana Inc.
  • Hits & Jams Entertainment Inc.
  • NTN – Radio Inc.
  • I Radio Inc.
  • CNS Radio Inc.
  • News- Talk Guyana Inc.
  • JREM
  • Keystone Solutions Inc.
  • National Communications Network (NCN)
  • National Media and Broadcasting Company Inc.
  • Two Brother’s Inc.
  • Linden Wireless Communication Network Inc.


  • CNS Inc.
  • Countryside Broadcasting Inc. Ch 19
  • Community Broadcasting Network
  • Dave’s Television Ch 8 Inc.
  • Little Rock Television Inc. – TV
  • Pinnacle Communications Inc. Television
  • STVS Ch 4/21 Inc.
  • Television Guyana Inc.
  • GWTV Channel 2 Inc.
  • MTV Inc.
  • NTN Inc. – Television
  • National Communications Network (NCN)

The Authority says it plans to put in place a Broadcaster Award System to give recognition to outstanding broadcasters at a gala event.

Those broadcasters will be the recipients of a number of trophies, plaques, monetary rewards, discount in broadcasting fees etc.

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