Go on air in 3 months or your license will be reviewed – GNBA to new licensees


Broadcasters who have been issued frequencies and licences to broadcast and who are not on air are being given three months to do so.

The Guyana National Broadcasting Authority (GNBA) in a statement Thursday warned that those persons who have not utilised the frequencies in the past six months and who do not intend to utilise those frequencies in the next three months, will be up for review.

For those on air, the GNBA warned that they will be held accountable for the broadcast of content and any violation of the Broadcasting Legislation.

The regulatory agency pointed out that it is cognizant of the fact that Article 146 of Guyana’s Constitution guarantees Guyanese freedom of expression, which includes freedom of speech and the freedom to receive information, ideas and opinions, however, the GNBA said broadcasters need to exercise their freedom and rights with responsibility.

“The Authority holds broadcasters to a higher standard than a person calling into the studio, during a call-in programme,” the statement highlighted.

Letters were recently issued to a number of broadcasters for infringements.

The GNBA debunked claims that the letters have a political undertone or objective as is being implied by the Parliamentary Opposition, noting that it carries out its functions as an impartial body and executes its mandate in a lawful and professional manner.

The agency also clarified that the notices are not intended in the first instance to lead to the closure of broadcasting stations but to ensure improvements which it is seeing since the issuance of the letters.

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