Hero CPL shifted to September 4 – October 12


Organisers of the Hero Caribbean Premier League have confirmed the new window will be September 4 to October 12 due to the Indian Cricket team tour of the Caribbean.

The initial agreement with Cricket West Indies was August 21 and September 27.

Pete Russell, Chief Operations Officer who made the disclosure Thursday, said the timeline will not damper the crowds since the best stars of West Indies cricket will be available.

He said the product is stronger and most importantly they have a “clear window”.

Making an impact

Critics have questioned the legitimacy of the league as a mechanism to develop Caribbean cricket, owing to it to one which is simply meant to fill pockets and provide a ‘party outlet’ for international players. It is themed “the Biggest Party in Sport.”

However, Russell was quick to rubbish such claims, vehemently stating, “It is ridiculous.”

“Yes, it is a party but it is because we have a product people want to go and watch and if you look at the success of West Indies cricket…nothing happens by chance that they could beat England.”

Chief Operations Officer, Pete Russell

He added, “there are more young West Indies players in the IPL [Indian Premier League] this year, more than any other country and the reason IPL wants to pick them up is because they are the most exciting T20 players in the world.

“Now if anyone wants tells me that is not down to what CPL is doing, I would say that they are lying because we have a great product and the young players want to play in it and not just to become West Indian players   but to ensure there is livelihood in playing other leagues so I think it makes a massive difference both on a developmental and social perspective.”

“We put US$25M into this project and we are never going to get that back, so that is the commitment.”

Since CPL started in 2013, West Indies have won the Twenty20 World Cup once – 2016. Their other title was 2012, however, they qualified for the semi-finals in 2014.

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