Investigation launched into ‘dog fight’ among prisoners at Lusignan


The Guyana Prison Service has launched an investigation into an Easter Monday incident at the Lusignan Prison in which two inmates were tied to their necks and mimicked a dog fight; other inmates controlled them like a master would his dog.

The inmates were also seen climbing barbed wires, while the other inmates were having fun, laughing and cheering on the fight.

The incident occurred in the Holding Bay at the Lusignan Prison and was captured on camera and later shared on social media. 

Director of Prisons (ag), Gladwin Samuels confirmed the incident and said the ring leader was separated from the others involved.

He also announced in a statement that a Board of Inquiry would be assembled to conduct a thorough investigation.

Inmates are known to post videos on social media from inside the prison.

Last month, inmates at the Lusignan prison posted a video to social media displaying various weapons; the weapons were subsequently seized.

Inmates from the New Amsterdam Prison posted a video on Mother’s Day in 2018, displaying expensive liquor and drugs. The video was labelled, ‘Mother’s Day Party’.

The smuggling of illegal items, including mobile phones, continues to be a headache for prison authorities.

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