10-Y-0 commits suicide in Bush Lot Village


Raj Mohabir, a 10-year-old of Bush Lot Village, Corentyne Berbice committed suicide Friday afternoon.

News Room understands that the former student of Crabwood Creek Primary school was found dead by his 16-year-old sister in a shack in the yard.

The teen quickly alerted an older sister and neighbours.

At the time of the incident, the mother and other relatives were out fishing a few villages away, as is customary, for their livelihood.

A neighbour then went to the area to relate the devastating news. Still covered in mud and soaked, the mother was inconsolable as she questioned: “why he do that?”

News Room understands that prior to the incident, the lad was seen playing earlier in the morning with a younger sister.

The incident has since left residents in a state of shock.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story initially stated that the child was a former student of the Kildonan Primary School. That is incorrect and the story has since been updated to reflect accuracy. 

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