New Business Minister says will ‘continue’ projects, push tourism


The new Minister of Business Haimraj Rajkumar on Friday said that he will continue the projects that were instituted by his predecessor and bring new ideas to the table, including for the development of the tourism sector.

Rajkumar was appointed to the post following the resignation of Dominic Gaskin. His resignation followed a High Court ruling that persons with dual citizenship are not eligible to be elected to the National Assembly. Gaskin was born in the United Kingdom and had renewed his passport to that country.

Gaskin’s replacement said he would continue the mandate of the Ministry.

“I imagine that I will have to continue the way from the projects that were instituted by Minister Gaskin,” he stated.

Rajkumar, 53, visited the Ministry on Friday morning and spoke with the Permanent Secretary there. As a result, he said he has a ‘’fair idea of what is going on.’’

‘’I believe the Ministry of Business is in good hand, and I will do my best to ensure all the agencies are properly managed,’’ he stated.

Rajkumar said he was willing to take on the new responsibility.

“As long as the President asks me to serve this country, I can’t refuse.”

Among the new things, he said he hopes to push is the development of tourism.

Already, he said the tri-lake initiative to promote the three lakes on the Essequibo Coast and the development of the Pomeroon waterfront, are projects that will help to boost tourism in the country often referred to as the Cinderella county.

Rajkumar has practised law for 12 years. He graduated from the Hugh Wooding Law School in 2007 and was admitted to the Guyana Bar in the same year.

He also holds a diploma in pharmacy from the University of Guyana and served as a pharmacist for over 15 years on the Essequibo Coast. Additionally, he holds a diploma in Marketing from UG.

Rajkumar is married and has two children. He was appointed Member of Parliament in May 2015.

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