European Union surprised at motion honouring Kadir


The European Union delegation in Guyana has expressed surprise at Friday’s Parliamentary motion honouring convicted terrorist Abdul Kadir.

“The EU Delegation notes with surprise the honouring of former MP Abdul Kadir in the National Assembly of Guyana and believes that eulogizing a person convicted of terrorist acts is inappropriate,” the delegation said in a statement posted to its website.

The statement follows that of the United States embassy in Georgetown, which gave the Government a stinging rebuke for the motion, saying the resolution is in direct contradiction to the efforts of security cooperation between Guyana and the United States.

The Government on Monday afternoon defended the motion saying it reflected a time-honoured convention of the National Assembly to observe, in a standard and solemn form, the work of former Members who are deceased.

The Government said it regrets the interpretation given to the motion passed in the National Assembly, saying Kadir was recognised for his service as a Parliamentarian.

“The Government of Guyana continues to condemn terrorism in the strongest possible way.”

Kadir died in a U.S. prison last year June while serving a life sentence after he was found guilty in 2010 of plotting to blow up fuel tanks at New York’s Kennedy International Airport.

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