‘Lola Doll’ accused of falsifying HIV status, placed on curfew in BVI


Popular Guyanese make-up artist, 28-year old Lolita Callender also known as Lolita Skelton and ‘Lola Doll’ appeared before Senior Magistrate Tamia Richards in Tortola, British Virgin Islands Monday, charged with attempting to falsify her HIV test results, by having a man personate her and take the test under her name.

News Room understands that the particulars of the charge stated that on April 24, in Road Town, together with persons unknown, she agreed to defraud Medicure Laboratory by falsely having an unknown male represent himself as Lolita Callender to obtain an HIV test and results.

The court heard that the make-up artist arrived in the Territory on April 20, and met with a male identified as ‘Eric’ who agreed to help her obtain the HIV test and results.

They later went to Peebles Hospital where they requested the test for the man, who gave his name to the laboratory technician as ‘Lolita Callender.’

The technician, in response, questioned the man, asking, “Are you sure that’s your name? Your mother named you Lolita?”

Upon being asked for identification, the duo asked where else on the Island they could have the test done.

They then proceeded to Medicure Laboratory, where Callender requested the HIV test for ‘Eric’ whose name she once again gave as ‘Lolita Callender,’ further claiming he is her boyfriend.

The technician at Medicure also had a similar reaction to the one at Peebles and asked, “That is your name?”

It is alleged that she later returned to the pharmacy to collect the results but before the receptionist could stamp the results, Callender asked to review it.

She then requested that the gender, which was listed as male, be changed to female.

After this was done, Callender posted the results under her name on Facebook, following which an investigation was launched.

In Court, she was represented by Attorney Nelson Samuels who was holding for her Attorney Steven Daniels.

Samuels told the court that Callender is married to a BV Islander and has three children.

Crown Counsel Kael London noted that her accomplice has not yet been caught and requested several bail conditions.

The tearful young woman was granted US$60,000 bail, with a US$20,000 cash component and two sureties.

She has to report daily to the police station with the exception of Sundays as she told the Magistrate that is her day of worship.

Additionally, a curfew has been imposed from 06:00 p.m to 07:00 a.m, and her travel documents must be lodged with the police.  She will return to Court on June 5 to answer to the charge.

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