Shooting of Dr O’Toole: 3 suspects identified as new evidence emerges


By Bibi Khatoon

Police Commissioner Leslie James says “no stone is being left unturned” as the investigation continues into the January shooting of Dr Brian O’Toole, the Director of Nations University.

James disclosed that there are “three persons of interest” in relation to the case but none are in the custody of the Police.

The Police on Monday received an audio recording in which an individual can be heard gloating about the shooting. The recording is said to be a vital piece of evidence which can help in solving the case.

“Dr O’Toole provided to us an audio recording that will have to be analysed, that is what we’re currently pursuing,” the Top Cop told reporters at a joint press conference with Dr O’Toole Tuesday evening.

Dr O’Toole was shot three times on January 27, 2019, as he returned home to his Bel Air residence from a meeting with parents.

The meeting followed a threat made on January 26 to shoot up the school by a student who was expelled from the institution.

One of those persons of interest is a former student of the school who issued the threats and whom Dr O’Toole believed is responsible for his shooting.

However, the Police Commissioner said documents revealed that the former student was not in the country at the time of the incident since he left Guyana on December 15, 2018, and is in the United States.

The Commissioner related that all information received was relayed to the US Embassy and there has been ongoing cooperation.

“There is no blueprint to any particular investigation, it is determinable by facts and evidence to pursue it,” the Police Commissioner said in response to comments made by the Nations Director that the investigation has not made much progress in 14 weeks.

Dr O’Toole is calling on US authorities to also do more.

“If we can verify which I believe we can…that this terrible act of terrorism was made on the 26th of January, now we’re into May, if that same thing had happened in America, it would be impossible to wait that long for action and to find out…tell us why it’s taking so long,” Dr O’Toole said.

Another one of the suspects have also left Guyana but the Police Commissioner said no effort was made to ascertain when he departed.

Giving a recount of the shooting, the Director said his home was brightly lit and as such, he could have gotten a clear view of the shooter.

He was shot thrice. While one of the bullets grazed his hand and one missed him, the third bullet has left Dr O’Toole’s left hand paralysed.

Claiming that the shooter did a dance associated with the ‘Fortnite’ game, the Nations Director is still blaming the game for the incident.

Meanwhile, the Director said the atmosphere at the school is “galvanized.”

He noted that a significant sum of money was invested into creating a safe environment at the school, including the launch of a programme which seeks to address various social issues.

The School Director launched a youth empowerment solutions campaign called Say YES on April 12 with the Ministry of Social Protection to address the problems young people face.

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