Albouystown businesswoman strangled to death; husband beaten, tied up


By Isanella Patoir

Police are on the hunt for four men who beat, killed and robbed a 58-year-old businesswoman of Lot 161 James and Non-Pariel Street, Albouystown, Georgetown.

Dead is Nalini ‘Nalo’ Persaud, a mother of two and a shop-owner in the community for the past 15 years.

News Room understands that the woman was strangled to death at about 3:00 am Wednesday, while her husband, Mahendra Rampersaud was beaten, his mouth duct-taped, his hands and feet bound with a piece of rope that was also wrapped around his neck.

The husband is a patient at a city hospital.

Neighbours told News Room that four men – two wearing masks – reportedly entered the house through a hole in the bottom left side.

The woman and her husband operated ‘Nalo’s Variety Store’ at the bottom flat of their house in Albouystown

One of Persaud’s sisters, Sabo said she believes the men killed her sister because she knew who they were.

It is unclear at this time what the men stole, as the family is still too traumatized to assess the items in the house.

The woman’s son, Derek Francis, was too grief-stricken to speak to the media, however his wife Candacy Rowe said, “I hear somebody knocking at the house and when I get up, somebody was calling for [Francis] and when I ask is who, they say is emergency so when I come out I see the shop opened and she husband tie up.”

Francis and his wife live in the same yard but in a separate house.

Rowe further said, “So I run upstairs and call [Francis] and we see he mother lie down pun [the] bed.”

Rowe said they did not hear any strange sounds to give the impression that something was wrong.

Meanwhile, a family friend, Poncita Adams said that Persaud was a very kind and friendly person.

“If I want to credit something, a bottle bleach, a pound milk, is Nalo I coming by. They wrong! Why they had to kill she? They could’ve just take what they want and leave she.”

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