Harmon still hosting Post-Cabinet news briefing; sits in Cabinet meetings


Former Minister of State Joseph Harmon was appointed as Director General of the Ministry of the Presidency to “assist” the President and he showed up Thursday to host post-Cabinet news briefing as he usually did as Minister of State.

“I need that assistance in helping me to manage the ministry,” President Granger told reporters.

Asked about his specific role in hosting the post-Cabinet news briefing, Harmon said he has been asked to sit in at Cabinet meetings and to report on its decisions.

“One specific responsibility I have been given is the continuation of the post-cabinet press briefing,” Harmon said.

The Cabinet has a Secretary in the person of Mr Edward Persico.

Harmon said that as his other duties become clear, they will be disclosed.

The Minister was forced to resign as a Member of Parliament and by extension Minister to honour a court ruling that persons with dual citizenship cannot sit in the National Assembly.

President David Granger speaking with members of the media Thursday

The President said: “All Ministers are my assistants but Mr Harmon in particular, will have a none-ministerial role in helping me to manage the Ministry of the Presidency.”

President Granger outlined that the Ministry is made up of three major departments – Energy, Culture, Youth & Sport, and Public Service, while he also holds responsibility for Defence.

“These are all very large administrative responsibilities and I need that assistance in helping me to manage the ministry,” President Granger said.

Along with Harmon, the Ministry of the Presidency now also has Dawn Hastings as Minister of State. There is also Tabitha Sarabo-Halley as Public Service Minister and Simona Charles-Broomes as Minister responsible for youth development.

The Department of Energy within the Ministry has its own head in the person of Dr Mark Bynoe. The Ministry also has a Permanent Secretary.

Harmon resigned along with Ministers of Business, Dominic Gaskin, Public Service, Dr Rupert Roopnaraine and Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge.

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