Port Mourant man beaten to death


Police are investigating the circumstances surrounding the death of 56-year-old Videanand Sukhra known as ‘Buddy boy’ who was found unconscious at his Haswell Port Mourant Berbice house early Thursday after a night of imbibing.

News Room understands that Sukhra, who was a former security guard and a part-time undertaker, was discovered by one of his sons – Vijay – in a bloodied state with his head and face swollen sometime around 06:00 hrs.

Fredrick Shaw claimed that they were attacked by a “shirtless man”

Sukhra lived with Vijay’s father-in-law, Fredrick Shaw and according to reports, the two were imbibing with others the night before.

Shaw was also found unconscious with bruises to his face and chest; he claimed that they were attacked by a “shirtless man” who wanted a cigarette at around 02:00hrs.

Shaw told relatives the man kicked him on the chest and about the body and stomped on Sukhra who was sleeping on the ground.

Both men were taken to the hospital but Sukhra succumbed to his injuries at the New Amsterdam hospital at around 14:30 hrs Thursday.

Shaw was treated and discharged; he was later detained by the Police for questioning.

Sukhra leaves to mourn five children and was well known around the community as a pleasant person.


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