Re-migrant pensioner found with stab wounds in suspected murder/robbery


A 74-year-old man was Friday discovered dead with several stab wounds about his body at his Springlands, Corentyne, Berbice home.

Dead is Godfrey Branch, a former manager with the National Insurance (NIS). He had migrated but returned to Guyana to live. He was last seen alive on Thursday.

Branch, who resided alone, was discovered by a family friend who went to check on him on Friday morning.

The woman, who did not want to be identified, said that at 21:15 hrs Thursday night she noticed a door was opened and she called out to Branch from the gate but received no response.

The woman said she would usually check on Branch every day and so she went back to the house at around 09:30 hrs Friday when she noticed the door was still opened.

The woman said she scaled the fence and entered the house and as she made her way up the stairs she noticed Branch’s bloodied body lying on the floor with the feet tied.

An alarm was raised and the Police were contacted.

Branch, who resided alone, was discovered by a family friend who went to check on him on Friday morning

Upon investigation, it was found that the man’s bedroom was ransacked and an undisclosed sum of cash was missing.

Meanwhile, an ex-wife of Branch, Hanna Rajkumar, told the News Room she believes he may have been targeted as he would travel between the US and Guyana frequently.

Rajkumar said Branch did not deserve such an untimely and gruesome death.

The woman, who shared two children with Brunch, said she was preparing to visit him when she received an overseas call from one of her sons indicating that he was killed.

The News Room understands the elderly man was stabbed about six times across his upper body.

Brunch was seen alive and well on Thursday afternoon slashing the grass in front of his yard.

Neighbours expressed shock at the incident, noting that Branch was very kind.

The perpetrators also carried away the DVR for the surveillance cameras. The Police have since arrested three persons as the investigation continues.

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