Toddler drowns in Hogg Island


A family of Northern Hogg Island is in grieving following the death of their baby boy, Saif Baksh – one year seven months old – who drowned in a trench on Thursday afternoon.

News Room understands that the toddler was staying with his 60-year-old grandmother while his parents – his mother a teacher and father a farmer – were at work.

According to the Police, on the day in question, the baby boy was at his grandmother’s house and was playing in the yard while his 34-year-old aunt was grinding pepper in the same yard.

Shortly after, the aunt noticed that he was missing when she spotted a small container he was playing with, in a nearby trench.

The grandmother and the aunt searched the trench and made the gruesome discovery of the toddler.

They rushed him to the Suddie Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.


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