Labourer crushed to death, fleeing driver caught washing off blood from truck


The mangled body of a 24-year-old man was discovered on the Cumberland public road at approximately 06:00hrs Monday with severe head injuries after he was crushed by a truck that was transporting molasses.

Dead is Keyno Akeem Sinclair of Lot 136 West Canefield, East Canje. He was last seen at a wake house in Coburg Street, Cumberland sometime after midnight.

The driver, who reportedly failed to stop and render assistance, was subsequently found and arrested.

The truck involved in the accident

Annie Ceasar, a friend whose house Sinclair was staying, told News Room she recognised his slippers at the scene of the accident and Sinclair’s body was identified by her husband at the Arokium Funeral home based on his clothing.

They believe Sinclair was on his way home when he attempted to cross the road and was struck down.

News Room understands that Sinclair’s skull was completely crushed as a result of the accident.

Police return to the scene of the accident with the driver

His mother, Jounell Natasha Sinclair, told News Room the 40-year-old driver was observed washing off blood from the front of the truck when he was detained by the Police.

The driver of Don Robin Farm, reportedly told Police he did not know he struck down Sinclair.

He remains in Police custody.

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