Money Changer shot, beaten & robbed in Berbice


The Police are on the hunt for three men who shot, robbed and beat a money changer at Springlands, Corriverton ‎East Berbice-Corentyne        Sunday morning.

Mohamed Razack,42, who works in the Springlands, Corriverton area was shot to his left thigh, beaten in his head with a gun and was relieved of approximately $500,000 in local, US and Suriname currencies.

Razack of Elijah Avenue, Springlands told the media that at approximately 05:25hrs, he was on the road in the vicinity of Boyo’s when three men with hoodies pulled him off the rail he was sitting.

According to Razack, two of the bandits had guns which they used to beat him in the head as they demanded he hands over his money.

Razack shows where he was shot

“I try hold on fuh fight them off but one point a gun to my face and take the money out my pocket. I even holler for help but around that time nobody much don’t really deh pon the road but I does usually start [work] early,” Razack recalled.

In a bid to protect himself from being shot in the head, Razack said he held on to the arm of one of the gunmen and twisted it when the gun went off, however, he did not realise he was shot until he arrived at the Springlands Police station.

He said the gunmen escaped on foot. With the help of a driver, Razack made his way to the Police station and subsequently the Skeldon Hospital where he was treated and discharged.

The bullet passed through his thigh.

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