Subryanville hotel owner to face Judge, Jury for murder


The owner of the Tourist Villa Hotel in Subryanville, Georgetown was on Tuesday committed to stand trial at the High Court for the murder of his neighbour Jason De Florimonte in 2018.

Erwin Bacchus, of Fifth Avenue, Subryanville was committed by Principal Magistrate Judy Latchman when the preliminary inquiry into the matter concluded at the Providence Magistrate’s Court.

The businessman was represented by Attorney-at-Law Nigel Hughes while the State was represented by Attorney at law, Dexter Todd on behalf of the Prosecutor.

Bacchus,46, was not required to plead to the indictable offence which stated that on August 4, 2018, he murdered Jason De Florimonte.

Dead: Jason De Florimonte

De Florimonte, 30, who lived next door to Tourist Villa Hotel was shot three times allegedly by Bacchus.

News Room understands that De Florimonte and his 24-year-old girlfriend were having an argument at his house around 01:45 hrs.

As a result, a handyman attached to Tourist Villa witnessed the commotion and approached in an attempt to make peace.

De Florimonte reportedly armed himself with a rolling pin and a knife and attacked the handyman, who ran into the compound of the hotel.

It is alleged that Bacchus, a licensed firearm holder drew his firearm and fired two warning shots, but De Florimonte continued to attack the handyman.

Bacchus fired several shots at De Florimonte, causing him to be wounded.

An autopsy conducted on De Florimonte’s remains revealed that he was shot three times about his body.

Bacchus remains on remand.

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