Mahadeo, Adonis to represent Guyana at Reebok CrossFit Games


By Avenash Ramzan

Guyana’s fittest man Dillon Mahadeo has qualified to compete as the country’s male representative at the prestigious Reebok CrossFit Games in Wisconsin, USA, later this year.

After a rigorous five-week, online-based fitness regime, his CrossFit 592 gym-mate Delice Adonis made the cut as Guyana’s female athlete at the event, which will take place from July 29 to August 4.

For the first time, the 2019 CrossFit Open crowned National Champions at the conclusion of the worldwide competition, marking CrossFit’s expansive and inclusive global nature and a proud victory for the 236 individuals who earned the right to represent their country at the 2019 Games.

Mahadeo got the nod to fly the Golden Arrowhead after finishing as the fittest of 21 men who entered for a chance to represent the country at the event, while Adonis emerged top of a field of 10 females.

The Reebok Games is the pinnacle of CrossFit globally and the prestigious title of ‘fittest on earth’ is at stake. While Mahadeo and Adonis will compete in the Individual category, there will be rivalry in the Team, Teen and Masters divisions.

The Reebok CrossFit Games is a high-intensity event, attracting the fittest men and women from across the globe

The Fitness Express-sponsored Mahadeo, in an exclusive interview with News Room, shared his excitement to be part of the event.

News Room (NR): Congratulations on qualifying for the Reebok CrossFit Games. Talk us through the process that got you to this stage.

Dillon Mahadeo (DM): “Qualifying for the CrossFit Games was on a different format this year; it was through the Open, which is a five-week long online qualifier. So each week they released one workout and you had to attempt the workout and submit your scores and based on how you tally up locally amongst your competitors the winner at the end of the five weeks would be determined as the national champion, which qualifies you directly to the 2019 CrossFit Games.”

NR: What was your immediate reaction upon learning of your direct qualification?

DM: “I was very surprised you know. Being that this is a new format when they announced that the national champion would qualify for the Games it meant even more to me to win the Open for my country. It’s been a long time coming to qualify for the next level and I’m really looking forward to it.”

NR: Research has shown that the CrossFit Games is not something you can totally prepare for in terms of specific workouts. How you do get yourself in shape for such a format of competition?

DM: We don’t know exactly the events we have to do. Based on past CrossFit events you have to look at that and get a template of what your training needs to be. It’s completely different to what we’re used to at the moment. It will take a lot more stuff out of the gym; a lot of biking, running, swimming, a lot more odd-object stuff and just be prepared in every way I can. I don’t want something to show up that I can attempt or even complete so I’m just trying to be generally prepared.”

NR: What’s your training schedule like now?

DM: “So I’ve upped my training hours, trying to pay a lot of attention to my recovery and sleep and really dial-in my nutrition and trying to get my mental preparation as well onboard for the Games.

NR: Obviously you’re heading there with the intention of winning. What other goals you’ve set yourself on that trip?

DM: “This is going to be one of the better experiences in my life. It’s always been a dream to qualify for the CrossFit Games. Nothing can explain how I feel about competing against the top level athletes in our sports…these are guys that I look up to…looking at them on YouTube you try to emulate them in everything you do and now I get the chance to share the competition floor with them it’s a feeling that just makes me excited to enjoy the experience. I will try to be prepared as possible and have fun with it and try to represent my country, my gym, my teammates and my family and try to do my best.”

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About the athletes

Dillon Mahadeo is a four-time Guyana Fitness Challenge champion

Delice Adonis won the Guyana Fitness Challenge in 2018, copped second in 2017 and finished third in 2019

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