Cop died Saturday, but Police on Tuesday told mother he was ‘missing’


By Isanella Patoir

An investigation has been launched into the circumstances surrounding the death of Special Lance Corporal, 25-year-old Carlos Alleyne, after he was reportedly involved in a fight with a Sergeant from the Special Constabulary Headquarters, Princes Street Georgetown.

His mother, Jocelyn Ambrose spoke with News Room and said she is not satisfied with the way in which the Police handled her son’s case; the woman was contacted Tuesday by the Police and was told that her son was missing when he, in fact, died Saturday last.

“When I go and see me son in this situation, like oh God! Pain Mommy!…is like I feel the pain, because the actions alone how he dead, you could know that he like…oh God! Pain too much,” the grieving mother of seven said.

The woman said she sells plantain chips in Mahdia, Region 8 and left as soon as she heard the news about her first born.

Jocelyn Ambrose

“I get contact Tuesday morning about 8:30, a message come and say somebody want talk to you and the person said that, go down at the office like he missing since Saturday. In the height of coming down, a call come through, [saying] don’t go at the office, go at Alberttown Police Station.

“When I was at Alberttown Police Station, then I understand that my son dead and deh at the mortuary,” the mother said.

Police Headquarters would only say that Alleyne was involved in an incident at the Special Constabulary Headquarters on Princess Street at about 09:30 hrs on Saturday, May 4 and died at the hospital the same day at approximately 15:00hrs.

Carlos Alleyne was the father of a one-year-old baby boy

The mother said the police at the Brickdam Police Station asked her if her son was sick.

“So I say from birth to now is now I know that me son feeling sick and from there they took a statement from me,” she said.

According to the mother, she was told that the day her son died, there was a barbeque at the Station and a colleague’s brother was staying in the Barracks when Alleyne him he cannot be there since he was not a police officer.

The mother further said that the colleague confronted her son about what was said to his brother and as a result, they argued and fought.

News Room understands that Alleyne was the father of a one-year-old boy. He was recently promoted to Special Lance Corporal.

“Yesterday, Wednesday, when they take the whole body out and I see on he chest swell, on he shoulders got digs and bruises, like burn bubble thing; I could see over he head get a long scar, he face like twist, I ain’t know if they cuff he, but like more to he stomach, face, head and neck is where get injuries,”

While Alleyne is from Lot 111 Mahdia, Potaro in Region Eight, he lived at the Special Constabulary Headquarters Barracks in Princes Street since joining the Force in 2014.

His mother said she was making plans for him to have his own house.

According to a post mortem done on Alleyne’s body on Wednesday, he died from brain haemorrhage and blunt trauma to the head.

Commander of ‘A’ Division, Marlon Chapman told News Room that the persons involved in the incident are under close arrest as the investigation continues.

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