Georgetown GP: Trinidad’s Boodram undaunted by 125cc Seniors challenge


By Akeem Greene

Trinidad and Tobago’s go-kart driver Zachary Boodram is not doubting his chances of a top spot on the podium even though he will be hard-pressed against the likes of Jamaica’s Colin Daley Jr. and Guyana’s Kristian Jeffrey at the Georgetown Grand Prix on Saturday from 16:00h.

Boodram arrived in Guyana Thursday and got some much-needed seat time at GT Motorsports last evening.

Despite not been fully active in karting of late due to turning attention to his newly acquired Radical, the son of Caribbean Motor Racing ace driver Frankie Boodram, says he is ready for the 125cc Seniors battle.

“Colin and Kristian are super quick and they are much taller than me. I am basically half their size; in karting there is a lot of weight distribution so I always try to put up a fight and try to run podium. I always try to run podium when I come here and that is what I do, and you never know how things may go when that flag drops anything is possible,” he related to News Room Sport.

When he last visited GT Motorsports in December 2018, Boodram got seventh challenging the likes of Jeffrey, Daley Jr, Calvin Ming and Steven Nobrega.

Zachary Boodram in action at GT Motorsports (Photo: GTRidez/Rohindra Mahase)

The 21-year-old, who has the experience of F4 competition alongside Ming in Mexico, says this Grand Prix will be a good test for this impending challenges.

“I am trying to keep myself occupied because I don’t drive go-kart in Trinidad much. I was trying to keep myself occupied driving karts to prep myself for Radical which I now started to drive this year in Trinidad and hopefully around the rest of the Caribbean, so this is my way of keeping myself occupied.”

While racing his Renault Megane in Group 4 alongside his father in the Caribbean Motor Racing series is one goal before he places full attention to the Radical series, he genuinely expressed that returning Guyana is always filled with enjoyment.

“I honestly love GT Motorsports; this right now I think is the best kart track in the Caribbean and I always look forward to coming here and GT Motorsports management always treats me well along with (mechanic) Brian Ten-Pow, and it is always a great experience,” Boodram related.

Saturday’s event will see rivalry in the usual categories, namely 60cc Kids Cup, 125cc Junior and Master and Easy Cup Rookie. Admission to the event is free, but the VIP experience costs G$6,000 per person.

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