Bandits shoot at Police; escape after robbing supermarket, abusing patrons


Two gunmen on Saturday evening robbed a Chinese Supermarket at Lot 16 ‘B’ Albion Front, Corentyne Berbice and managed to escape on foot while shooting at a police patrol that responded to the scene.

News Room understands that at approximately 21:30hrs, the proprietors and staff of Z-ONE supermarket were preparing to close their doors when two masked men dressed in dark coloured clothing and armed with guns entered the business.

One of the men remained at the door while the second suspect went inside and told everyone to “get down!”

The owner, a Chinese national who asked for his name to be withheld, was standing by the doorway.
He told the News Room that the gunman told him to lay on the ground before kicking him in the face and hitting him with his gun.

A relative, who was standing outside with an infant, was dragged inside the supermarket and forced to lie on the floor with the baby.

Meanwhile, the gunman shoved the cashier aside as he filled a bag with cash from the register.

The cashier was later held at gunpoint and ordered to open a safe as the bandits searched for more cash.

The News Room understands that a Police patrol with four ranks from the Albion Police Station was passing the scene and was flagged down. The ranks stopped a building away from the supermarket but they were unable to do anything as they came under fire from the gunman standing guard at the entrance of the establishment.

Ranks were heard screaming from the vehicle as they tried to evade the bullets. The vehicle was struck at least three times.

The gunmen continued firing at the Police vehicle until they made their escape by foot through a nearby street.

A few minutes later another team of Police were alerted and responded promptly to the robbery but was unsuccessful in finding the perpetrators.

The bandits managed to cart off some $250,000 in cash and three cell phones.

The Supermarket was only opened for business about three months ago.

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