Davendra Narine cops top awards at Army’s Platoon Sergeant Course


Training Corps’ Sergeant Davendra Narine gained top honours when copped the Best Graduating Student Award, at the conclusion of the Platoon Sergeant Course (PSC) 2019-01, on Friday, May 10.

The award for Runner-up Student went to Petty Officer Kevin Price, who also copped the Best Shot award.

[Photo: GDF Facebook page]
Other awardees were, Sergeant Kessa Massiah (Best Military Knowledge) and Sergeant Jamal Branco, of the Guyana Police Force, who gained the Best Fitness award.

Thirty-seven Sergeants graduated from the course.

As part of their training on the PSC, the Sergeants completed the Force Methods of Instruction (FMOI) course and were awarded their certificates for that module. (GDF)

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