Teamwork reaping rewards for ‘Mr. Endurance’ Adrian Fernandes


The name Team Wreckers speaks for itself on the track when it comes to Endurance racing in Guyana. And the stellar performances by the evergreen driver Adrian Fernandes with the iconic white Toyota Levin come as a result of tireless efforts off the track.

Fernandes, who is the defending Endurance champion, copped the top spot at the first Endurance of 2019 and was well rewarded by the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club (GMR&SC) recently at GT Motorsports.

After carting off the lion’s share of trophies, he expressed that winning would not be possible without the input of mechanic Anil ‘Nala’ Persaud.

“We did a lot of preparation on the car to make sure things are nice and solid and it worked out very well. I always think I have easiest job which is to do well. Luckily for me I have the best team, they put in the hours late at night to make sure the car is well prepared and they keep giving me the best car for race day,” conveyed Fernandes.

Persaud indicated the pressure is always there to ensure the vehicle runs in good fashion since the pack is always hunting to dethrone Fernandes. He added the key is to ensure the vehicle is more durable rather just fast given the lengthy format of racing.

Fernandes completed 81 laps in two hours, 35 seconds (2:00:00.35s). Davin Panday and Azaad Hassan brought second with 79 laps, while Dawalu Harper and Dave Singh got third with 77 laps.

Awards were also given to top performers at the Drag Meet held earlier in the year. Executive member of the GMR&SC, Sunil Persaud, stated that they are impressed with the level of competition and participation for the first two events and they are now shifting attention towards a massive Drag Racing meet in June.

The respective winners are all smiles as they showcase their accolades

Endurance Results


1st – Reyad Hamid and Richard Hamid

2nd – Richard Hamid and Kevin Ramsabhag

3rd –  Paul Wells and Mario Alicock

1501cc – 1600cc

1st– Adrian Fernandes

2nd –  Davin Panday and Azaad Hassan

3rd –  Dawalu Harper and Dave Singh

1601cc – 2000cc

1st – Anand Ramchand

2nd – Rafeeq Khan and Suraj Persaud


1st – Govindra Nauth and Daramdeo Singh

Drag Racing

16-second –  Vicky Persaud

15-second – Ramesh Persaud

14-second –  Eric Watchman (Suriname)

13-second – Raymond John (Suriname)

12-second –  Avi Samaroo

11-second- Damion Persaud

10-second-  Peter Daby

Unlimited- Team Mohamed’s

600cc Motorcycle- Mark Menezes

1000cc Motorcycle- Mark Menezes

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