Chocolate jouvert, Buju concert among Guyana Carnival events


The second Guyana Carnival promises to be an exciting addition to the national events calendar. The events and activities were launched on Thursday at the Roraima Duke Lodge, Kingston Georgetown.

The first event will kick off on Friday, May 17 with the first-ever carnival block party on Main Street; party trucks, masqueraders and fire breeders will all take part.

Other exciting events, such as pool parties, boat rides, a Curry Festival and Rugby Tournament will run for the next 10 days until May 27. The Carnival Road Parade will be held on May 26.

The Guyana Carnival Committee said they are expecting at least 20,000 people in attendance.

Paint, powder and water jouvert parties are known in Guyana, however, the concept of chocolate jouvert is probably one of the most interesting events for the Carnival celebrations. It will be held on Friday, May 24 at the National Stadium.

International and local artistes like Buju Banton, Shensea, Kes the Band, Tamika Marshall, Machel Montana and many more will be featured at different concerts and fetes.

L-R: Kerwin Bollers, Guyana Carnival Director; Chairman for Carnival Committee, Bobby Vieira; Rawle Ferguson, Guyana Carnival Director and Minister of Youth Affairs, Simona Broomes.

One of the Carnival Directors, Kerwin Bollers said, “We really want to work this year on the look and feel, I know everybody would have spoken about the other carnivals around the world, but we really want to have a real look and feel and really bring some of the Guyanese aspects to these events. And we want to make the events a little different than when patrons go to these venues that you have different experiences.”

Chairman for the Carnival Committee, Bobby Vieira said the events will address the socio-economic challenges by preserving and encouraging the creative work of local craft men and women, musicians, producers and designers.

“Our core objective is to make Guyana Carnival an economically viable cultural and commercial enterprise by investing to develop the framework to market the tourism cultural product and Guyana’s Carnival,” The Chairman said.

A section of the gathering at the launch

The Carnival Committee said they will be taking events to Linden and Berbice so that everyone feels included.

Another Director, Rawle Ferguson encouraged everyone to part of the celebrations. “Please support it, promote it, this is our thing and it can only get bigger and better with your support,” Ferguson said.

The Government of Guyana has endorsed the Carnival events as it also celebrates Guyana’s 53rd Independence.

Hotels, airlines, restaurants, transportation services, entertainment and tourism will all benefit economically during the Carnival period.

Minister with Responsibility for Youth Affairs, Simona Broomes encouraged a safe and accident-free environment while celebrating Guyana Carnival 2019.

Some of the Sponsors onboard include Banks DIH, Ansa Macal and El Dorado.

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