Man accused of rape, armed robberies breaks out of toilet, escapes Police Station


Police are on the hunt for 23-year-old Kevin Wilkinson who escaped from a Police Station on the East Coast of Demerara early Thursday.

Police Headquarters did not reveal the name of the Police Station in its official release but News Room understands that it is the Cove and John Police Station that Wilkinson was being held.

Police Headquarters also did not reveal how the accused escaped but reliable Police sources informed News Room that he asked to use the toilet at around 7:20hrs when he ripped out some boards and escaped.

News Room understands that Wilkinson of 271 Hope East/ Enmore East Coast Demerara, was in custody for two counts of rape and two counts of armed robbery.

“A thorough investigation with respect to the circumstances surrounding the escape has since been launched by the Office of Professional Responsibility; two ranks are presently under close arrest,” Police Headquarters said in its statement.

Anyone with information that may lead to his recapture is asked to contact the Police on telephone numbers: 229-2289, 229-3564, 229-2557, 229-2557, 229-2662, 229-2019, 274-0409/2741221, 222-4355 and 221-1281 or the nearest Police Station.

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