Family attacked by bandits spent night at neighbour’s house; Police showed up the next morning


A Black Bush Polder family was forced to sleep at a neighbour’s house after they were attacked by bandits; the Police only showed up at around 08:00 hrs.

Herman Roopnarine, 40, also called “Dosay”, of Lot 35 Johanna North Black Bush Polder said it was around 01:30 hrs that he was awakened by loud sounds coming from the direction of his window on the western side.

He told the News Rooms after realizing bandits were attempting to break into his home, he armed himself with a cutlass and waited by his bedroom door.

One of the bullet holes at the house

Roopnarine, a cash crop and poultry farmer, said his two teenage daughters were asleep in the next bedroom and got up screaming.  At that point, he came out of his bedroom and attempted to go into his children’s bedroom when the bandits opened fire at him.

The shots missed him and he rushed back into his bedroom and the men followed him, demanding that Roopnarine put down his cutlass and lie on the floor.

Meanwhile, the man’s wife Lily Ganpat 39, said she went down on her knees and begged the men not to hurt her family.

Lily Ganpat

She said the only piece of jewellery she had was a pair of earrings on her ear. She related she hurriedly pulled it off and tossed it towards the window.

“Only one side them find and go away with because me find one on the step.”

The family related that at least three bandits were on the step and two remained in the yard. After their unsuccessful bid to enter the house, one of the accomplices called out to the others to leave.

The traumatized spent the night at a neighbours house until this morning.

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