NAMILCO celebrates 50th anniversary


The National Milling Company of Guyana (NAMILCO) is celebrating its 50th anniversary. NAMILCO, a subsidiary of Seaboard Corporation in the United States officially opened its doors in Guyana on May 17th, 1969.

The flour mill located in Agricola on the East Bank of Demerara. At the beginning, it employed 45 workers then. The company now employs over 100 workers and has a production rate of 240 metric tons of wheat per day.

NAMILCO has since become a household name in Guyana with its flour and specialty flour products, such as Thunderbolt All Purpose Flour, Maid Marian Self-Rising Flour and Maid Marian Pholourie QuickMix, Roti Mix and Vanilla flavoured cake mix among others.

Seaboard Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, Steven Bresky

At a reception to mark the anniversary Thursday at the Pegasus Hotel in Georgetown, Managing Director Roopnarine Sukhai said that over the years the company has grown significantly through hard work, dedication, vision and persistence through difficult times.

“Over the years, we moved from making two types of flour to many different types.

“We catered for the large companies such as Banks for biscuits and bread; Beharry for chowmein; the many bakeries large and small for bread, pastries and other products.”

NAMILCO exports its flour and specialty flour products to St. Marten, Antigua, Barbados, Canada, Suriname and Brazil.

Some of NAMILCO’s products

Seaboard Corporation’s Chief Executive Officer, Steven Bresky said that Mr. Sukhai and his staff has made the NAMILCO one of the best managed companies.

The CEO said the people are the most important element of any company and they will continue to provide stable and healthy choice of flours like whole wheat and whole grain.

“Being a diversified company, I am confident we can find additional opportunities to expand our footprint here.

“At the mill, we are looking at expansion of our capacity through the replacement of existing milling with state of the art equipment,” Bresky said.

The CEO assured that they will be for areas for future investment and expansion in the country.

Minister of Business, Haimraj Rajkumar said over the years the company has demonstrated its commitment to improving the quality of its product and service to the country.

“NAMILCO commands a very hallowed place in our culinary heritage, its flour and flour based products form an important part of our local cuisine,” the Minister said.

Deputy Chief of Mission for the United States Embassy, Terry Steers-Gonzalez, congratulated NAMILCO on behalf of the US Embassy.

He recognized the company’s outstanding achievement over the past 50 years and the company’s deep sense of corporate social responsibility.



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