Over 150 persons found jobs through manpower agency this year


More than 150 persons have been hired for the year so far through the Ministry of Social Protection’s Central Recruitment and Manpower Agency (CRMA).

Chief Recruitment and Manpower Officer Valerie Moore explained that between January and March 2019, the agency dealt with 634 persons who visited the agency for assistance with employment.

In order to accumulate employment, officers from CRMA visit work places to solicit vacancies from employers.

Moore stated that during the first quarter a total of 781 applications were submitted to employers. However, only 156 persons were successful.

“When we submit persons to vacant positions we cannot guarantee the person getting the job.

“We help persons to get to the human resource department within a short space of time,” she stated.

“You may have all the necessary requirements but at the interview sessions you have to perform so that you can be successful,” she added.

According to Moore, her agency collaborates with the Board of Industrial Training (BIT) unemployed persons.

Moore added that CRMA also works closely with the Child Care and Protection Agency (CCPA) to refer and place vulnerable persons into jobs.

She pointed out that CRMA Officers engage in occupational counselling to find out persons’ passions and goals to properly place them. For those persons who wish to become entrepreneurs, they are encouraged to learn a trade and pursue their goals.

“We try to find out what they would like to do before offering them a job. We seek to find out if they want to do things on their own and once that is established we make the necessary referrals,” Moore said.

According to Moore, during the first quarter, CRMA participated in three outreaches and at the government’s outreach at Square of the Revolution where it engaged several persons.

At the government to the people outreach, 35 registrations were done and 12 on the spot recommendations for job placements were made. Six confirmed placements were recorded.


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