Security minister ‘at sea’ on crime, urgent plan needed – trade unions


The Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG) has heavily criticised the government’s crime prevention strategy and is calling for urgent interventions.

Further, FITUG criticised the handling of the security sector by the Minister of Public Security.

“From the Minister’s utterances, we cannot help but conclude that he is at sea when it comes to grasping with the gravamen of the situation at hand.

“It appears that the Minister may need assistance from his colleagues who have experience in the security sector,” FITUG stated.

The group stated that while Police statistic show a decline in crime, it may very well be the case that citizens lack confidence in the Force and do not report many of the crimes which occur.

“We believe there is need for a concerted plan to address the situation at hand and bring reprieve to our people who must contend with various criminal activities.

“The need for a safe and secure society cannot be underscored. The need for our people to have peace of mind is important on so many fronts.

“We look to the Government, obviously, to provide such an environment where our people can feel confident that they can be in their homes or go about their business with the least of fear,” FITUG stated,

“At this time, we well recognize that our people are genuinely afraid about whether they will be the next victim.

“This is not the state-of-mind that our people should ever have to contend with.”


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