Over half a million dollars, 253 live ammo, bulletproof vests among items found on dead bandits  


Following the shooting death of three career criminals Sunday in the backlands of Johanna South, Black Bush Polder, East Berbice-Corentyne, Police found a haversack at the scene containing $609,330 Guyana currency and two foreign currency notes, two bulletproof vests, five cellular phones, a solar charger, torch lights, a crowbar, knife, and cutlass.

[Guyana Police Force photo]

Other items include:

– two yellow metal chains

-four yellow metal earrings

-two yellow metal finger rings

-two silver bands

-a yellow metal band

-a silver pendant

-flash drive

-tights with eye holes

-topes and mask

-duct tape and gloves and

-200 grams of cannabis

Police Headquarters revealed that a pistol, two revolvers, a rifle, three magazines, 253 rounds of live ammunition and seven spent shells were found at the scene in close proximity of the men.

The bulletproof vests found by the Police [Guyana Police Force photo]

An official Police statement revealed that the ranks acted on information that strange persons were seen in the backlands of the Mibicuri, Black Bush Polder area.

A team of Police ranks under the command of a Senior Officer proceeded to the said area about 15:35hrs Sunday and while searching, came under rapid gunfire; they immediately took up tactical positions and returned fire in the general direction from where the gunshots were coming.

[Guyana Police Force photo]

The exchange lasted for about five minutes and after it subsided, the ranks combed the area and three males were found motionless with suspected gunshot injuries.

Dead are 32-year-old Kelvin Shivgobin called ‘Kelly’ of Belvedere, Ramnarine Jagmohan and and Sewchand Sewdat known as ‘One Eye Pappy.’

Two of the dead bandits: Ramnarine Jagmohan and Kelvin Shivgobin

The killing of the bandits has put a dent on criminal activities in the area following a spate of armed robberies on the Corentyne.


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