DeAbreu, Persaud to represent Guyana at World Archery


Overseas-based Guyanese, Wayne DeAbreu and Devin Persaud, will be representing Guyana at the Hyundai World Archery Championships 2019 from June 9-16 in the Netherlands.

This was confirmed by Archery Guyana on Tuesday. DeAbreu and Persaud are members of the local governing body for the sport.

The tournament offers an alternate pathway for Guyana to qualify for the Olympics in 2020. Persaud has confirmed both his and Wayne’s commitment to a rigorous training schedule to ensure tournament fitness and readiness.

Archery is a relatively new sport to Guyana, as it was introduced to the country just a few years ago. Since then, Archery Guyana has been making strides to capture local talents with the hope of developing them to regional and international standards.

Apart from competitions, there been training sessions and seminars to bring competitors up to speed with the latest trends and techniques in the sport.

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