Chief Justice frees Inspector Narine


Chief Justice Roxane George on Wednesday ordered the release of Inspector Prem Narine hours after he was sentenced to seven days imprisonment for unlawfully insulting Magistrate Rhondel Weever.

Magistrate Weever imposed the sentence on Inspector Narine following a verbal exchange at the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court during which Inspector Narine told her to address him with respect.

The Inspector’s lawyer Everton Lammy Singh immediately challenged the sentence at the High Court and during a hearing in chambers, the Chief Justice ruled that the sentence imposed by the Magistrate was “excessive” and ordered that Narine is released.

The News Room had reported that Inspector Narine was at the time testifying in the matter against Mohammed Ali, also called ‘Gobin’ who is charged with impersonating the Minster of Health Volda Lawrence and obtaining $2.1M worth in phone credit from a city businessman.

While on the witness stand, Narine asked to see his statement, which was granted by the Magistrate, however, he asked to see his statement again but this did not sit well with the accused who began to behave disorderly.

The Magistrate allegedly shouted at Ali to contain himself and with the same tone, reportedly yelled at Narine and declined his request to see his statement again.

It is alleged that the Magistrate told Inspector Narine to leave the witness box.

Narine, who was in obvious shock, asked the Magistrate to address him with respect.

Inspector Narine was named Best Cop in 2016.

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