Massive flooding in Mahdia


Hours of heavy rainfall resulted in major flooding in the town of Mahdia, Region Eight Friday morning.

A resident and businesswoman from the community, Paula Bastiani told the News Room the rainfall began about 03:00am Friday.

“It is not the first flood like this, but is the biggest one so far,” she said.

Bastiani said the flooding is affecting residents mainly living in the Airstrip area of Mahdia. She explained this is a downhill location.

“My sister entire shop unde rwater, all her goods damaged.”

The News Room understands that the water is starting to recede from person’s yards, however, the main access road remains flooded.

“We are still under water, only thing visible from where I live is the bridge, but persons’ houses are still under water,” Bastiani said.

Meanwhile, the Department of Public Information revealed that the Civil Defence Commission (CDC) is currently monitoring the flood situation.

Based on reports from the municipality, 25 homes have been affected and maybe in need of immediate relief.

The CDC is currently in talks with the municipality to identify possible shelters. A damage assessment team will be deployed to the area at 13:00hrs today with relief supplies, DPI noted.

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