CDC mobilizes flood relief for Mahdia residents


The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) has mobilized relief supplies for residents of Region Eight affected by flooding as it continues to monitor the situation.

Cleaning kits were distributed to 14 households which were affected, according to the Department of Information (DPI).

The CDC dispatched a two-member team to assess the situation on Friday, May 24.

The team, which was headed by Captain Salim October, conducted assessments at several locations hardest hit by the flash flooding.

“Most of those affected were in houses built close to creeks and outfalls, despite warnings not to do so,” the DPI said.

Residents indicated that water levels reached as high as three feet in certain places. The flash flood was as a result of torrential rains.

According to Mahdia’s Mayor David Adams, the CDC’s quick response was timely and welcomed. He explained that moving forward, a plan to regularise home construction, especially in low areas, with the Housing Department, will be initiated. This will avoid the recurrence of homeowners being affected by the seasonal flooding.

The team conducting damage assessments at several locations hardest hit by the flash flooding in Mahdia, Region 8

The CDC through the National Emergency Monitoring System (NEMS) is continuing to monitor the flood situation in various regions across the country. Currently, the focus is being placed on Aishalton and Sand Creek in the Upper Takatu-Upper Essequibo (Region 9) and Mahdia.

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