‘The future belongs to young people’- President Granger on Guyana’s 53rd Independence


Poised for the development of the oil and gas industry in the coming year, President Granger in his message to mark the occasion of Guyana’s 53rd Independence anniversary focused on the opportunities to be derived for young people.

“The future belongs to young people,” was the title of the speech to mark the occasion.

President David Granger noted that “the commencement of petroleum production, next year, and the transition towards becoming a ‘green’ state, will increase economic growth and provide greater resources for development.”

He said the resources derived from the sector, economic expansion and diversification will be deployed, primarily, to secure and safeguard the future generations.

“Young people can be assured of greater opportunities as a result of oil production and the policies of the Guyana Green State Development Strategy,” the Head of State said.

“Young people have started to play a pivotal role in driving development. Your government is preparing young people to assume responsibility for our nation’s future,” the President said.

He pointed to the National Youth Policy, one which is premised on education, equality, empowerment and employment.

The policy promises a nation in which young people are united, educated, trained, safe, happy, healthy and integrally involved in the decision-making processes. This, the President said must be done while enjoying equality of opportunity and equal access to the nation’s resources of our country and are politically, economically and socially empowered.

The President said Education is being enhanced at all levels – nursery, primary, secondary and tertiary, equality is being created across the country and across sectors and youths are being trained via the Guyana Youth Corps and other programmes to improve access to employment.

He added that young people are more involved in local democracy through Local Government Elections and in decision making through consultations on the National Budget.

“Young people, today, can look to a bright future with greater confidence, enthusiasm and hope knowing that their government is laying a stronger foundation for the good life for them and their children,” the Head of State said.

He lauded Independence as transformative, presenting opportunities for development, respect and social cohesion.

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