Allicock’s “lackadaisical” attitude to training a major concern for GBA

- Cuba trip on hold; GBA recommends GOA stipend be put on hold


By Avenash Ramzan

The Guyana Boxing Association (GBA) has written to the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA), recommending that Keevin Allicock’s trip to Cuba to prepare for the Pan Am Games be put on hold, citing the boxer’s “lackadaisical” attitude to training.

In the letter, seen by News Room, GBA president Steve Ninvalle outlined that upon careful investigation it was revealed that Allicock has been delinquent in terms of attending training sessions locally “and his attitude towards the task at hand is nothing short of lackadaisical.”

Between the period May 1-23, Allicock attended only 12 of the scheduled 30 training sessions, conducted by Cuban Coach, Francisco Roldan.

“This is despite the pleadings of several (persons). Less than 50 percent attendance at training leading up to any competition is unacceptable, barring illness. Our conclusion is that if Mr. Allicock is unconcerned about his training in Guyana and treats it as unimportant, then it is only logical that the same will happen in Cuba,” Ninvalle wrote in the letter.

GBA president Steve Ninvalle (left) and Cuban coach Francisco Roldan

It was further revealed that Allicock was previously warned about his approach to training, following a meeting about six weeks ago where Coach Roldan expressed concerns.

“We had then warned the Caribbean Bantamweight champion that his attitude towards training needed to drastically improve. This has not happened and his attendance has gotten worse. In fact, Mr. Allicock failed to even attend a Medical Examination provided by the GOA and offered the excuse of “not feeling well” as the reason for his absence. All of this comes against the backdrop of Mr. Allicock coming in at over six pounds over the bantamweight limit for his last fight in Guyana,” Ninvalle further explained in the letter.

At a meeting last weekend (May 25) with the GOA, the GBA recommended that Allicock’s trip to Cuba be put on hold, and that the stipends paid to Allicock by the GOA also be put on hold until the GBA signals there has been an improvement in the boxer’s attitude towards training.

Allicock is widely viewed as one of the more supremely and naturally talented boxers in Guyana; many believe he is capable of one day medaling at the Olympics.

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