Ghana delegation in Guyana, interested in oil and gas sector 


A high-level delegation from Ghana is in Guyana to engage the Government on areas of mutual interest in the oil and gas sector.

The delegation, which is led by Ghana’s Minister of Energy and Deputy Minister (Petroleum) Dr. Mohammed Amin Adam, met with Director of the Department of Energy Dr. Mark Bynoe, Minister of State Mrs. Dawn Hastings-Williams and Minister of Natural Resources Raphael Trotman on Tuesday.

The Ghana team also included Ambassador-designate of the Republic of Ghana, Napoleon Abdulai and 15 others.

Dr. Adam said he was pleased for the opportunity to discuss issues relative to co-operation with the Department.

“We are bound by so many factors [that] unites us because as you know, the …formation in your offshore bases is analogous to what we have in Ghana. So it’s not surprising that Exxon, which is here, has also entered Ghana and so we are united by so many factors and …will be able to leverage that for the benefit of the people of our two countries,” the Ghanaian Minister said.

Minister of State, Mrs. Dawn Hastings- Williams, Minister of Natural Resources, Mr. Raphael Trotman and Deputy Minister of Energy of Ghana, Dr. Adam Amin Mohammed with the other members of his delegation (MOTP photo)

Additionally, during the delegation’s meeting with the Ministers of State and Natural Resources, they discussed areas of collaboration particularly in the areas of mining, oil and gas, capacity building and training in the oil and gas sector, forestry and timber production.

During the meeting with the team, Dr. Bynoe, who was accompanied by Oil and Gas Advisor, Mr. Matthew Wilks and others, said the delegation was visiting during a most interesting time in Guyana’s evolution.

“I think anybody who says Guyana is not the hottest place to be and I am not speaking about climatologically but in terms of what we have found thus far in the oil and gas sector would not be lying.  It’s a time in which also, we are keen to ensure that as a Department though young…we seek as best we can to ensure that these resources are managed in an efficient manner and an effective manner for all of Guyana,” Dr Bynoe said.

Dr. Bynoe noted too that the Department does not underestimate the momentous task ahead and it continues to seek partnerships to ensure that it obtains the best value for the nation.

“We do not pretend to have all the answers to all the challenges that are before us, but we are very much positioned and we are keen to learn from others; the good, the not so good and even the indifferent experiences so we do not have to trod the same path which others may have trod before us,” he said.

Guyana and Ghana have shared strong ties since 1957. (Extracted and modified from Ministry of the Presidency)

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