Two accused of killing friend, dumping body in latrine charged with murder


Two men, who are accused of killing their friend and dumping his body in a pit latrine at Tassawini, North West District in Region One, appeared before Chief Magistrate (ag) Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus Wednesday charged with his murder.

Leroy McKentire, 41, of Port Kaituma and 18-year-old Rayon Robert of Tassawini, were not required to plea to the capital offence which alleged that between May 17- 22, 2019, they murdered 25-year-old Darvin David.

Police Prosecutor Shellon Daniels, told the court that on May 17 the two defendants and David were at a shop in Tassawini consuming alcohol when an argument erupted.

The shop owner intervened and chased the men out of his shop; the court heard that David left the shop in the company of McKentire and Roberts and was not seen again.

Villagers in the area launched a search for the missing man and he was found in a pit latrine. Police said he was stabbed to the throat.

McKentire and Roberts were arrested by the Police and allegedly confessed to stabbing David and dumping his body in the pit latrine.

Prosecutor Daniels told the court that the Police are currently on the hunt for a third suspect who is involved in the murder.

They were remanded to prison until July 2, 2019.

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