President Granger wants to abolish homelessness before demitting office

-CH&PA to build provide 500 new houses in 2019


Optimistic that his Government will remain in office for another term, President David Granger on Friday said the aim of his administration is to eradicate homelessness before demitting office.

“I would like to leave office where there is not a single homeless Guyanese. Every single Guyanese will have a roof over their head,” the President said. He then quickly interjected, “cause I ain’t leffing for just now.”

He had just concluded his inaugural visits to the Prospect and Perseverance Housing Schemes located on the East Bank of Demerara.

“Every Guyanese would have a roof over his or her head,” he emphasised, noting that the Constitution of Guyana makes it a right for citizens to be provided housing accommodation.

The coalition Government is in its fourth year in office. Guyanese are expected to go to the polls within the next year when it will be determined if the coalition continues its rule for another five years.

Some of the new houses built under the Central Housing and Planning Authority’s programme. (Ministry of the Presidency’s photo)

The President prior to delivering his speech visited a mother of nine, Aysha LaFleur who won a lottery held by the CH&PA. The house given to LaFleur is one of two built from clay bricks brought from Region One –a material which lends to reducing the costs of the houses.

“There are a lot of poor people in this country, there’s a lot of ordinary people in this country,” the President said as he noted that provisions need to be made for this group of persons.

President David Granger (right) interacts with Ms. Ayasia May La Fleur at her new home located at the New Prospect Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara.
(Ministry of the Presidency’s photo)

The Head of State said the building of homes also generates jobs.

Earlier, recently appointed Minister with responsibility for Housing, Annette Ferguson told media operatives that the visit was organised to give the President a first-hand look at the houses which were constructed by the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA), the Guyana Defence Force (GDF) and the Prison Service.

Chief Executive officer of the CH&PA, Lelon Saul, said the Government has constructed approximately 217 housing units including duplexes since 2015.

President David Granger examines cupboards in a newly constructed house located at Prospect Housing Development, East Bank Demerara, this morning.
(Ministry of the Presidency’s photo)

For this year, he said the Government is looking to build 500 houses this year.

He promised upgraded infrastructure to residents, noting that the agency is pleased with the occupancy rate in the scheme.

“I want to tell you the residents of Perseverance who are currently here (that) in three months, we will be improving the infrastructure… you will enjoy better facilities,” he said.

In the Prospect housing scheme, there are approximately 100 house lots while in Perseverance, there are 571 lots.

Minister of Communities Ronald Bulkan was also part of the President’s delegation.

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