Third bandit identified; Security Ministry commends Police


A third bandit who was killed on Thursday night at Norton and Victor Streets, Lodge, Georgetown has been identified as 24-year-old Leslie Griffith of Lot 165 William Street Kitty Georgetown.

Police said he was identified by his mother Lavern Arrindale.

The two other bandits were identified as Shawn Browne Jr. and Junior Nurse; Browne Jr. is the son of the late prison escapee Shawn Browne who was also shot dead by the Police 16 years ago.

After almost an hour of exchanging gunfire, the three bandits were all shot dead by Police after they held construction worker Neville Leslie and his 5-year-old son at gunpoint in his Lot 46 Norton Street, Lodge home.

Ranks of the Guyana Police Force were passing the man’s home at the time of the invasion and quickly took up tactical positions.

At the end of the shoot-out, three 9mm pistols and two cellular phones were found in close proximity of the crime scene, while a Police Corporal received a gunshot injury to his left leg, Police Public Relations Officer Superintendent Jairam Ramlakhan revealed.

In a statement on Friday evening, the Public Security Ministry commended the work of the Guyana Police Force for their responsiveness which “certainly resulted in the prevention of harm to an innocent family.”

The Ministry said it was unfortunate that the operation resulted in the demise of three individuals, but pointed out that their “intentions were to rob and probably kill.”

The Ministry said it is very thankful for the community support which was received, firstly, for their giving of relevant and necessary information to the Policemen involved in the actions taken; and, secondly, for rallying around the Police Force’s efforts in rescuing that family.

“Community support is extremely necessary to fight crime in Guyana. This support realised success in Black Bush Polder recently, as it did on this instance,” the Ministry said.

The Ministry said collaborative efforts are needed to help solve crimes.

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