Where are they? Man drags wife into night beating her with cutlass


The Police are investigating the disappearance of a man and his wife after he reportedly took her against her will, on one occasion beating her with a cutlass a little after midnight on Monday.

According to information received, the man Martin Baker, 50, of Warren Village, East Berbice Corentyne showed up at a close friend’s home where his wife Dhanmattie Sumara called “Jenny” was seeking refuge after she decided to leave the relationship.

The News Room was told that on Friday last Baker was arrested and kept in Police custody until Monday after his wife made a report against him.

Following his release on Monday, the woman decided to leave the home with her two children, two months and two years old. However, while she was staying with a friend and his family, they were awakened by loud sounds at around 01:00 A.M on Tuesday.

Upon investigation, the family found that Baker had kicked down the front door and grabbed “Jenny” out of the house.

Speaking with the Newsroom, Jaipaul Jaimal recalled Baker was armed with a cutlass and as he and his sons tried to intervene they were threatened.

“He break down the door, grab she and start broadside she.” He then dragged the woman away.

Jaipaul said the Police were contacted and a report was filed.

On Tuesday evening, he brought took the woman back to the friend’s house for the children. As the woman went upstairs, Baker waited for her under the house.

Jaipaul again contacted the Police, but by the time they arrived the man had already left with the woman.

He went on to say while Sumara was in the house, she briefly showed his wife her bruised and battered body.

The woman said she would have returned Wednesday morning but she did not show up.

As investigation continues, the Police have launched a search.

The concerned friends are hoping the man can return the woman unharmed so she can unite with her young children.

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