New programme to train Over 120 Guyanese for Petroleum Industry


Over the next four months, Guyana Shore Base Inc. (GYSBI) and TOTALTEC Oilfield Services will partner to recruit and train over 120 Guyanese in basic safety and oilfield operations to enable them to successfully join and participate in the oil and gas industry.

Over the last year TOTALTEC Oilfield Services recruited and found gainful employment for more than 100 Guyanese.

Chief Executive Officer for TOTALTEC, Lars Mangal said it has been challenging getting persons to join the industry.

“This journey has been one very, very challenging journey to capitalize and create capacity building effort that’s foundational to the Guyana Oil and Gas Industry, and that starts with people getting people into the industry, Guyanese young people into the industry so they can then start to build meaningful careers for themselves, their families,” the CEO said.

Minister of Natural Resources, Raphael Trotman, said it takes time and investment for Guyana to be ready for the petroleum industry and encouraged more persons to get on board.

“I just encourage Guyanese to take the opportunities, because I can tell you Lars knows better than I do, that there are people from far who are trying to get these opportunities that Guyanese sometimes pass by,” Minister Trotman said.

Some of the trainees are from the Wales Sugar Estate that was recently closed and bauxite miners from Linden.

Former Sugar workers from the Wales sugar Estate

One of the trainees, Nyima Jemmott said she was a call centre agent before applying for the programme.

“I always wanted to be [an] active person, I don’t want to just sit in an office, I want to venture out and do even more better things. I am venturing into Occupational, Health and Safety,” Jemmott said.

General Manager for TOTALTEC, Joseph Singh said they are looking for as many young persons to apply for the programme as possible.

“We make sure our student population represent every area and aspect of Guyana,” Singh said.

According to the General Manager, they ensure that recruits come from every part of Guyana with varying age ranges and come from a technical background, such as welders and mechanics.

The students who come into our programme, we do not charge them. The programme is free to them so everyone is on a scholarship. We bring in external trainers who are specialist in the oil and gas field,” the General Manager said.

He continued: “Also while we pay for the training, in addition to that, we actually pay them a healthy stipend.”

Petroleum Geologist from the Department of Energy, Marissa Foster, encouraged the trainees to develop their skills to support the country’s national development.

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