Mason tells court he used ganja with urine to treat nephew’s asthma


A 27-year-old mason on Friday told Chief Magistrate (ag) Sherdel Isccas-Marcus that he used cannabis with urine to treat his two-year-old nephew’s asthma, when he appeared before the Georgetown Magistrate’s Court for drug possession.

Keon Grenville admitted that on June 7, 2019, at Phase 1, East Ruimveldt, he had two grams of cannabis in his possession.

The unrepresented man told the court that he bought the cannabis for his nephew, who suffers from asthma. The man explained that he would use the cannabis to make tea and give it to his nephew with urine.

“It is not healthy to give a child urine to drink, then to boil the cannabis and give him as tea is very dangerous,” the Chief Magistrate (ag) told Grenville. He was fined $10,000 and was ordered to complete three-weeks community service at the Georgetown Court.

The Magistrate also ordered that Grenville undergo counselling and the probation office was requested to examine the condition of the child.

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