DRAG RACE: Team Mohamed’s white GT-R set to compete June 23


By Akeem Greene

June 23 will mark the second round of the Guyana Motor Racing and Sports Club’s (GMR&SC) Drag Race Meet at South Dakota.

And Team Mohamed’s newly acquired white Nissan GT-R is set to finally make its competitive debut after missing out in March due to mechanical issues. That’s the assurance given by president of the club, Rameez Mohamed, in an interview with News Room Sport.

“Yes, for sure the car is going to be racing; we already confirmed with the driver and team manager, the car is taking part in this event. What happen the last time, is the car had some mechanical issues and which race car does not have issues, especially when you take the car to that limit, you do expect it to get issues. They fixed everything and they out 100% into it and they are 100% certain it will perform at this event,” he conveyed.

The GT-R created tremendous hype when it first arrived in Guyana in March. It was deemed to be one of the fastest in the world, but the thousands who turned up at South Dakota were only able to see a minuscule of the true potential, with the car just doing some short runs, mainly for crowd appeasement.

Dereck Jaisingh’s second-generation Toyota Supra is seen a possible threat to the GT-R

Mohamed further indicated they are two cars from the East Coast Demerara and those camps are confident of dusting both GT-Rs, one being Trans Pacific’s Toyota Altezza, which is being tuned by Trinidadian Marvin Gay, and Dereck Jaisingh’s second-generation Toyota Supra.

Add to the mix Demerara Ice Company’s Mitsubishi Starion, which is understood to have the power of a Hellcat Crate Engine, and Peter Daby’s powerful second generation RX-7, and it spells serious power and extreme speed.

At the last meet, the familiar black GT-R, Goliath, certainly did not disappoint. On the new quarter-mile strip, its fastest time was a blistering 8.584s, while in the big showdown with the second generation RX-7, owned by Peter Daby, it clocked 8.907s where it roped in the Mazda by the 60ft marker.

Syed Mobarakhali and his burnout thrills are expected to feature on June 23

Additionally, the president stated he expects over 100 competitors to register for the event and the club has begun to put better safety systems in place and more effective crowd control mechanisms.

Much more track bite will also be placed on the track in the lead-up the event. GT Tuners, West Coast Customs Wash Bay and Imran Auto Works have combined to sponsor the reaction time prize. The driver with the fastest reaction will win US$100.

DEL Ice Co will also award prizes to the fastest 10-second ($200,000), 11-second ($150,000) and 12-second ($100,000). Tickets for adults cost $1000 and children $500. Action starts at 09:00h.

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