Worker falls from Sheriff St. construction site


A man working on a construction site on Sheriff Street, Georgetown Tuesday fell from a scaffold he was working on and was rushed to the hospital after a pipe he was using came into contact with an electrical wire.

Reports are that Jeoranie Mezquia Gonsalez, 48, was working at Lot 12 Sheriff Street Georgetown, where businessman Sheriff Ahmad is constructing a two-storey medical centre.

Police described Gonsalez as being a visitor of Ahmad and said he went to the site at about 10:00 hrs and began helping the workmen with their job.

At about 13:10 hrs, Gonsalez was outside the building on a scaffold handling a metal pipe about 20-feet in length when it came into contact with the electrical line outside the building and as a result he was electrocuted.

Police said the man fell off the scaffold and landed on the ground.

It was reported that Ahmad, upon hearing a loud sound, rushed to the area and picked up Gonsalez who had burns about his body, including to his leg, hands, and chest area. He also sustained a laceration to the back of his head.

Police said the man was rushed to St Joseph Mercy hospital where he was seen and examined by a doctor and admitted.

His condition was regarded as stable.

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