Three years jail for unemployed youth who admitted to robbery


Twenty-one-year-old Brian Pompy of Buxton, East Coast Demerara (ECD) was Wednesday sentenced to serve three years imprisonment by Magistrate Faith McGusty after he pleaded guilty to robbery, while his co-accused David Williams was remanded to prison.

They were jointly charged with the offence of robbery with violence, which alleged that on June 8, 2019, at Regent Street, Georgetown, while being in the company of others, they robbed Parimdra Chatterpaul of a $10,000 BLU cell phone along with $50,000 cash with the use of personal violence at the Plaisance minibus park.

Pompy pleaded guilty to the charge while Williams pleaded not guilty. In court, Pompy explained that he is unemployed and lost two jobs recently.

David Williams was remanded to prison until June 19

“I used to work at Quality, but things ain’t work out for me then I went to the fisheries and that didn’t work out too,” Pompy told the Magistrate.

The young man explained that on the day in question, he saw two men were robbing Chatterpaul and decided to push his hands into the victim’s pockets and took his cellphone along with $700 cash.

Williams, however, denied being a part of the robbery and told the court that he has no knowledge of anything.

Police Prosecutor Annalisa Brummel explained that the victim was at awaiting a minibus at the intersection on Regent Street and the Avenue of the Republic at around 21:15hrs when the robbery occurred.

The duo is accused of choking and robbing him of the cell phone and $50,000 in cash.

They escaped after pushing the victim to the ground. The court was told that the duo was arrested and Williams was found with the stolen cellphone hidden in his crotch.

While at the Brickdam Police Station, Pompy admitted to robbing the victim and also confessed that he gave the stolen cellphone to Williams.

Williams was remanded to prison until June 19, 2019.

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